User Registration

Creating a user account on is free and is the recommended way of using this service provided by Phoronix Media.

Having an account allows you to comment on test results found on the site and gain access to features and extra functionality (such as test analysis) not available to un-registered users, among other features. With your account you can also log-in to it from the Phoronix Test Suite client on any of your systems so that your test results are synced to your account, you can easily transport test settings across multiple systems, and take advantage of other cloud features.

An account also allows you to upload your own test profiles and test suites as well as constructing custom test suites from an easy-to-use web interface.

User Verification

Before beginning the simple registration process we need to first verify that you are in fact human and not an automated bot or spammer. As this is an automated question generator, if something doesn't make sense, refresh the page for a new question. Here's a simple test:

Select the graphics processor that is listed below.

MeeGo 1.0

x264 2012

Radeon Saphhire 6570

MandrivaLinux 2010.2


Debian 5.0.4