For Organizations

A Stream Of New Tests offers new tests frequently introduced and existing tests updated against the latest upstream software. integration with the Phoronix Test Suite makes these new/updated tests trivial to deploy within your testing environment.

Community Results allows you to explore results from the community and gain new insights into the performance of your products and those of your competitors across a variety of software/hardware configurations as well as for analyzing macro-level performance changes over time.

Big Data Analytics

The mass collection of benchmark results on allow for big data analytics for looking at performance trends to being able to better understand the behavior of individual test profiles and their scalability, install/run time requirements, and other insights.

Open-Source is free to use and the Phoronix Test Suite is open-source software.

Blocking Result Uploads

When running the Phoronix Test Suite, making the results public by uploading them to is purely optional. Users are prompted at the end of the run whether to upload the results. Via the phoronix-test-suite batch-run (after phoronix-test-suite batch-setup) and phoronix-test-suite internal-run commands are available to explore to automatically ensure that results are not uploaded publicly.

The Phoronix Test Suite also has additional functionality available to better support offline / "behind the firewall" workflows, including the ability to permanently remove result uploading support from the Phoronix Test Suite client. See the documentation.

Result Upload Firewall

As an additional precaution to prevent accidental uploads of test results, the form below can be filled out to block test result uploads from a given IP address. This is intended as another layer of protection against accidental uploads beyond the recommendations provided above. When a result is uploaded from a blocked IP address, the result will be immediately rejected and not published or otherwise saved by Additionally, a notice of that event will be sent to the email address provided with the form.

Making use of this will just block result upload functionality for the desired IP address but will continue to allow downloading of new test suites/profiles, viewing of test results. and other services. This blocking is handled server-side and will work with any Phoronix Test Suite client.

Contact us with any questions or for removal of any IP result upload blocks.

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